Missionary to Indo-Philippine Team

July 2010


 Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

It has been a hot July in the Midwest, but our family has joked that it is “preparation for India”! And the Lord has been doing His own preparation, making a way for us to go directly to India when we depart! Dr. Darrell Moore and team member Teja Rao were in India in July on the day an Indian law was repealed as they were working to obtain visas that will allow us to live there. Plans are now for us to live in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India, where our team already has leased an apartment building. We will lead in training pastors and preacher boys, helping them to build their people and plant more churches. Many more possibilities are opening, so we need your prayers as we seek the path God would have us take. “…I being in the way, the LORD led me….” (Genesis 24:27)



We enjoyed visiting family around the 4th of July holiday and presented our work to churches in Michigan and Indiana. We rejoiced in seeing 17 people saved through our family’s soul-winning efforts. In Roscommon, Michigan, we met a group of young people walking the streets during a Saturday afternoon and led 5 of them to Christ. In Frankfort, Indiana, we met a father and his teen daughter at their house and led them to the Lord. While giving them assurance from John 3, the dad spoke up when he learned about Nicodemus and said, “Hey, that’s my name—Demas!” Pray that Demas and the others will go on to grow in the Lord. July also saw our team in Bacolod City, Negros, Philippines, lead 896 students to Christ at West Negros University in one week! Serving the Lord is such a wonderful way to invest one’s life.


I will be making a special trip into India in September with Dr. Moore, our mission’s pastor, and Bro. DeMoville, our team leader. Meanwhile, we will continue to be in churches in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan to raise the remainder of our support by the end of October. Please pray that the Lord will provide our support as we focus on promoting missions and prepare for our departure. We know the time before we leave will pass quickly. There is much work to be done, and we trust the Lord will provide, using your prayers and faithful support. Thank you for being our co-laborers!


Yours for the souls of Asia,

Scott, Debbie, & Caleb Christiansen






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